Hailing from South Africa, born in 1988, Attie Albertus is an internationally acclaimed, award winning composer of classical music, musical theatre and film music.  His works have been performed by countless notable soloists, choirs, ensembles and orchestras around the world! These range from his debut, with The World Youth Symphony Orchestra when was 14 years old, soaring to The Oscar winning Brussels Philharmonic 10 years later.
Attie left his home at an early age and finished his formal musical training at The Interlochen Arts Academy Michigan; after which he studied privately with famed teachers and composition masters in New York and Paris.
2008 saw the recording of Attie’s monumental work Le Depart d’un Ami by the Johannesburg Philharmonic.

In 2009 he relocated permanently to France where he was working as a freelance composer whilst being the apprentice of legendary Bernard De Crépy from the Conservatoire Nationale Superieure de Musique de Paris.

Whilst living in France his main commissions included 3 commissions from the National Orchestra of Bordeaux’s concert master when he acquired his Stradivarius. Aslso, a short Ballet in collaboration with the Timeless Ballet Copany, commissions from the Orchestre de Colonne and the Starpop orchestra, and many others!
Attie has also written several French pop songs collaborating with Crystal Globe and Molier nominated Nicholas Nebot and awardwinning orchestrator Arthur Lavendier.

When he turned 23, Attie founded the entertainment production company AttieStudio which was responsible for the co-production of the opera Ariadne auf Naxos and Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire at the gorgeous historic Theatre de L’Athénée. These works were performed by the world-renowned chamber orchestra Le Balcon, founded by Maxime Pascal then apprentice of Pierre Boulez. An animation musical entitled Lady of the Night, starring Adam Pascal, was also produced and after a year of festival run honored Attie with 45 awards and official selections. Attie now lives in between Paris, New York and Los Angeles.
He is fluent in Afrikaans, English, French and German and he’s really good at folding origami cranes.



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